Welcome to the Golden Beach Hotel!

The hotel is located in the resort Zatoka, Odessa region, Limanskaya station, 40 km from Odessa on the Black Sea coast, with a sandy beach which width is 150 meters. This is a great place for recovery and recreation.






Here you can spend the holidays with your family, or retire on weekends. The best thing you need to relax is the hot summer sun, the wonderful sandy beach and the fresh sea air.


The advantages of the hotel is that it is a quiet cozy place to relax, far away from the noise, with the access to a wide beach and at the same time you just need 5 — 10 minutes walk to the central alley, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, markets, amusement parks , Railway and Bus Stations.


You can find all kinds of water activities on the beach. There are waterslides, water bikes and scooters, parachutes, etc.


And if you want to visit the famous Ukrainian festivals, such as the Z-Games, jazz festival and others, there is no better place than our hotel. For all the events of the festival you can watch right from the balcony of the room.



There is everything you need to relax in the comfortable two, three and four bed rooms with panoramic windows.

There is a wide double bed with orthopedic mattress, bedside tables, mirrored sliding wardrobe and sofa.

Each room is equipped with a TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and bathroom.

24 h cold and hot water.

Wi-Fi zone.

There is a video monitoring on the hotel territory.


There is a dining room in the hotel, where the guests can order breakfast, lunch and dinner, or you can spend the evening in the arbor, frying fish on the grill or making the barbecue.


Advantages of the Golden Beach Hotel

Good numbers;

A cozy area;

Wide clean beach;


Price end 2017

Numbers / Date 01.06 — 21.06 22.06 — 12.07 13.07 — 28.08 29.08 — 30.09
Comfort +       2-seater
(two beds ), sea view
1000 1200 1500 1000
Comfort +       2-seater
(one bed ), sea view
1000 1200 1400 1000
Delux,       3-seater, 1200 1400 1700 1200
Comfort +       3-seater, sea view 1350 1650 2050 1350
Comfort +       3-seater 1300 1500 1900 1300
4-seater, sea view 1400 1600 2000 1400
Family (5-seater),
sea view
1600 2000 2500 1600